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Welcome To Terry Drinkwine Outdoors

February 2nd, 2018 / admin

Pour yourself “two fingers of bourbon” and sit back and sink into your favorite chair; close your eyes, relax and let your mind take you back to warm days standing in a river, your favorite fly rod in hand, casting flies you’ve tied …maybe even designed.

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Pinney Bridge

View from Lovell’s Bridge


 Snake River, Moose, Wyoming

The pages on this site are written for your enjoyment with emphasis on the out-of-doors told with humor and an occasional tug on your heartstrings. If you love dogs (bird dogs, in particular) you might like my reflections of life with Seamus, my Brittany.Buds at rest

I’ll tell you of the exploits of the Ostrich Society, consisting of “rascals” dedicated to “THE TRUTH, WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH …give or take a lie or two…and I’ll share some of my favorite fly patterns and hope you will as well.Ostrich-with-head-in-sand-illustration

Of course, the proof is always in the showing with no shortage of my offering my “two cents worth,” And I’ll share photos and hope you will do the same.

So please, browse the site, check out the pages and enjoy.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you on the river.

Terry H. Drinkwine – Piscator

By the way, when I’m not fishing, I’m available to give personal instruction on fly casting and fly tying. What that means is, my time is somewhat limited. If you are interested in instruction, check out Casting and tying instruction  and send me an email.


Two Of The Best Kept Secrets In Northern Michigan!  

If you are looking for a new place to set up camp for a few days or a couple of weeks before the daily grind pulls you back in, consider camping at one of Michigan’s hidden jewels; Antrim County’s Barnes Park   on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan near the village of Eastport is one of those jewels. Tucked amidst the pines along the sand bluffs of the sunset side of the state, Barnes Park is a clean, multi-usable campground that has facilities for tents and 5th wheels alike. The jewel is the long sand beach accessed by a stairway leading to Lake Michigan. Separated by 20 or so feet of typical Lake Michigan rocks, the sandbar beyond the rocks provides for family fun and an opportunity to escape the summer heat. This cold pristine waterfront campground is under used. It’s one of the best kept secrets of northern Michigan.



Another overlooked campground is Thurston Park in the Village of Central Lake also in Antrim County. Thurston Park sits on the north-end of Intermediate Lake, one of the Chain-of-Lakes, and is within the village limits. With limited campsites for tents to large trailers, some campers manage to rent a site for the entire summer. Check out this quaint turn of the century town and discover for yourself why they call it “God’s Country.”


Welcome To Terry Drinkwine Outdoors

  1. Lawrence Walla says:

    Hi Terry.

    Thanks for sharing a couple the best kept secret campgrounds. I’ll keep them in mind for the future.


    1. admin says:

      Hi Larry,

      You won’t be disappointed.

  2. keith says:

    Great meeting

    1. admin says:

      It was great meeting you. Your music is wonderful.

  3. John R. Spavale says:

    Met you yesterday at the show. Thanks for the website. I will be checking it out since your Departure from the Macomb Daily.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you John, I hope you enjoy it.


  4. George and Terry Rappold says:

    First the column and now one of my favorite stores. I hope our paths cross again but not in the great beyond. Our Abby says hello to Shamus

    1. admin says:

      If you ever get up to the Jordan, give me a heads up. Seamus says hi back.

  5. Linda says:

    are you ok? Missing your posts.

    1. admin says:

      Just taking a break. Will post soon. Thank you for your concern.

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