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Aaah, the Dream Cruise!


I’m taking a slightly different approach to the Dream Cruise. Instead of sitting on a lawn chair waiting for nostalgia to pass in front of my eyes, I’ve decided to walk the route and take it all in. If I need to rest, I’ll just sit on the grass and patiently wait for the next “thing of beauty” to come into view.

Of course I’ll wear a water proof garment to keep from getting wet and I’ll carry everything with me I’ll need for the day. I’ll take an occasional deep breath to get the full ambiance of the day and keep my eyes protected from the sun with good sunglasses. I’ll take in the noise of the activity and try not to let it put me to sleep when I sit and take a break.

There won’t be a big crowd where I go to watch and wait; just a few other like minded aficionados of the “Cruise” will seek the spot I’ve staked out ..and are welcome to share. Armed with everything from a 3 wt. to a 6 wt. rod – some bamboo’s but mostly graphite – and boxes of flies full of patterns from hoppers to Trico’s, it will be hands on.

….Oh, you thought I was going to the Woodward Dream Cruise. No, this is the Manistee River Dream Cruise, consisting of browns, rainbows and brookies. Sorry for the confusion!



Aaah, the Dream Cruise!

  1. David Kies says:

    I would rather be at your cruise. Unfortunately I have to work this one

    1. admin says:

      I’ll cast a hopper for you.

  2. Steve Krause says:

    Terry, I see that your idea of a dream cruise is much like mine. Hope you hook a ‘classic!’

    1. admin says:

      I’ll settle for a 12 inch brookie with a custom paint job and standard finns.

  3. Ron Kulenkamp says:

    Terry, I went to the same cruise you did, except it was all on the Au Sable (mainly Mason Tract). Fun times.

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