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I just picked up an old copy of Fly Rod and Reel magazine and one of the features was the “new” technique of fly fishing Japanese style with a rod, line and a fly, no reel. It’s called Tenkara. It’s talked about in a little more detail than I’m portraying it but that’s what it is in a nutshell.

This is one of those rare times when I’m ahead of the trend and already have the equipment because somewhere back in time, fishing with a rod, line and bait of some sort was the way we all fished. In fact, the rod I’m thinking about is a bamboo rod I used when I first learned how to fish. Back in my short pant days, when fishing meant sitting on a dock, shore or in a boat holding a one piece, three section bamboo rod with a heavy cord line tied to the tip and a piece of mono-filament for a leader with an Eagle Claw hook and bobber. (I still have the pole.)

Now I know the rods being touted for this old/new technique are much more expensive (they are telescoping and light) and the line is fly line instead of a cord, but it’s still a line being slung with a fly at the end. I guess the simplicity of it will be the essence of the cost.

Give me a break!


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