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Grousing …


In less than a week, small game season opens. In a little over two weeks, bow and arrow deer season opens too and for some unknown reason, I’ve been toying with the idea of digging out my old Bear Grizzly II compound bow.

It might be because I wasn’t successful in getting a doe permit this year, or because I’ve been asked if I was going bow hunting a lot, or it might be because I’ve been getting ads for new compounds and can’t stop shaking my head at the prices of several of the new ones. But probably, it’s because I’m cheap and figure I can make do with what I have. (Don’t bother taking up a collection for me, I think my old Grizz will do just fine if I decide to go.)

I’m being a hypocrite of course, grousing about the cost of the new compounds, it’s just that I can get a good deer rifle for the price of a new compound …or, a new fly rod – imagine paying $ 500 to $ 1,000.00 for a fishing pole when you probably have an old Wonderod in the basement. …go figure!!


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