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Aside from “She Who Must Be Obeyed” knowing what I’m thinking or going to do before I do, Seamus and I have apparently connected telepathically too. For the past few mornings, especially on the cooler ones, I’ve been getting this vibe that I’m being watched and bombarded with subliminal messages that Seamus wants to go hunting. It’s scary when you realize you’re communicating without saying a word. Those of you who are married, know what I’m talking about.DSC_0002

Since I do have to put in a couple of days a week trying to earn enough to put gas in the Jeep to take us up to the cabin, I’m sometimes put on a guilt trip when Seamus is ready to go and I’m not. It doesn’t take much effort on his part, just a cock of his head and those eyes that get softer when he really has something to say.

The cure for this, of course, is to stay Up North the entire month of October, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. But, alas, If there wasn’t something to look forward to, it wouldn’t be as much fun when you finally get to do it. Think about it.


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