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A traditional heartwarming Christmas Story




How the Angel got on Top of the Christmas Tree

 by John Beach

As always, it was the Night before Christmas, but it was at the North Pole and Santa was getting ready for the big trip. Mrs. Claus was ironing Santa’s coat and his pants when she notice a large rip on one leg. Time was short and she told Santa she didn’t know if she could get it repaired in time. Santa said to do the best she could. LS018067

He went off to the Barn to check on the Rain Deer; Rudolph told him his nose wasn’t very Bright tonight, that Donner had a sore hoof, and Comet had a bad intestinal flu issue and shouldn’t fly with that messy problem. Shaking his head Santa headed for his workshop where he heard all sorts of squeaking and bickering as only Elves can make.

It seems a dispute among the Elves had caused a work stoppage as they were protesting the minimum wage for Elves working at North Pole Outlets around the world. Santa told them to go back to work and get the sleigh loaded as time was running short.

Back to his house he went and there he found Mrs. Claus in tears, something about sewing his pants. Santa was at the breaking point with all the pressure, when suddenly there came a knock at the front door that got Santa’s attention. When he opened the door he saw the cutest little smiling faced Angel you’ll ever see and she was holding a beautiful Christmas Tree all decorated with shinny glass bulbs, ice cycles, candles aglow with roping made of popcorn and candy. She said to Santa in her sweetest Angel voice. “Where would you like me to stick this Tree?  “And that my friends, is how the Angel got on top of the Christmas Tree.”  

 A Merry Christmas to all!


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