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Dumb, Santa …no cookies!


The ten year old wasn’t a hundred percent convinced that Santa was real, but he figured why take a chance. So at the mall, he decided to get in line with his little sister and wait to sit on Santa’s lap. The line wasn’t too long and went quickly. When it was his turn, sitting on Santa’s lap, Santa asked him, “What do you want for Christmas, little man?”

“I want a vise,” he said. “My dad has one and I want one like his.”

Santa looked perplexed and decided he better set the kid straight. “What do you want a vice for, don’t you know you should try not to have a vice? Grownups sometimes fall into a bad habit and get a vice. I’m sure if you talked to your dad about it, he’d tell you not to get a vice.”

Now the boy was completely confused. He thought about it for a minute then said, “If my mom lets me have a vise is it OK then?”

Santa figured this was his way to get out of the conversation and said, “You bet, little man. If your mom agrees to you getting a vice, then I guess it will be OK.”

The boy left and found his mother and told her what Santa had said. She thought about it for a while, then said, instead of leaving milk and cookies for him on Christmas Eve, I’ll leave him a note that it’s OK to leave you a vise, you won’t turn it into a vice.

Santa came and red the note.

Mary Christmas!



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