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I’m Tired of Being Good Before Christmas

By Mary Drinkwine ‘93


I’m tired of being good before Christmas,

I’m tired of doing hundreds of chores.

Bot mother says, “Quit your pouting;”

And grudgingly, I let my dog outdoors.


I hate following commands,

And taking lots of showers.

I’d rather bang pots and pans,

Than stay up for just a couple of hours.


It’s boring to set the table,

It’s boring to water the plants.

It’s boring to clean my hamster’s cage,

But mother says if I do these things, I might get 2 or 3 pair of pants.


And why do I have to say, “Thank you?”

And “Excuse me” and “Your welcome” and “Please?”

I’d rather drive a sports car,

And not let my sister have the keys.


I’m trying my best to be nice;

I’m trying by best to be caring.

But if Christmas doesn’t hurry and get here,

I’ll freak out from always sharing.


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