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Fish Cakes, eh!


Going fishing is more than just a process that keeps my mind occupied, there are consequences that taste good if all falls into place. Take for example fishcakes. I first tasted a fishcake while fishing at Kwagama Lake Lodge owned by Pat and Ann Marie Henry. Ann Marie made fishcakes from left over brook trout (they were 18 inchers from the glacial lake) we had for dinner one day and I’ve been hooked on fishcakes ever since though I haven’t had them since.989766

I ran into the Henry’s at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo a couple of years ago and reminded Ann Marie how much I liked her fishcakes. Being French Canadian, eh, and living on the island lodge every summer, fishcakes are a common place fare to her. But to me, well, let’s just say, the morning we had them, they tasted better than Sicilian cream steak covered in Dijon mustard sauce …and for me, that’s quite a comparison.

She shared her recipe and my hope is that there will be enough brookies in the creel to make up some fishcakes on the opener.  Recipe.




Fish Cakes, eh!

  1. John Beach says:

    And ?????? The Recipe is??????

    1. admin says:

      Your wish is my command.

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