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I thought I was dreaming, but the second or third time his paw touched my face, I opened my eyes and was met by a sight of anxious eyes and perked up ears. Seamus was telling me something.DSC_0277

The clock next to my bed said 12:45 am – though sleeping soundly, I thought it was later. I must not have moved quickly enough for the little Britt, because he decided to swipe my face with his paw one more time – he does it so soft and gently I don’t react to protect myself. This last swipe was a little more forceful.

I asked him what he wanted and immediately he ran to the back door, jumped up as to open it and whined. I got the message.

Half dressed (it was dark, no street lights) I opened the door and followed him outside. He ran for a twenty or so yards then found a spot and did what caused him to wake me. Then, getting his relief, he decide to go exploring.

Trying not to cause lights to go on in the surrounding cabins, I bid my time hoping he was as anxious to get back to bed as I was. He wasn’t. So wanting to bring this to a conclusion, I got the Jeep and drove down the lake where he usually comes out and waited. Sure enough, twenty minutes later, here comes a cocky liver and white Britt. I opened the back door and without a command, he jumped in and immediately stood on the center console looking straight out of the windshield. He was ready to go back.

As I pulled into the driveway and opened the door, Seamus, now ready to go to bed, pushed past me and jumped out and sat on the porch waiting for me to catch up.

What ever it was that caused that disruption to a good night’s sleep was gone. He was curled up on the foot of my bed, eyes closed, long before I managed to get undressed. I decided I’d get even; at four o’clock, it was my turn to wake him up. Instead of getting out of bed without disturbing him, I kicked him off of the bed and told him, “How do you like it?” He moaned and jumped back up, hardly missing a snore.


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