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Seamus’ Last Adventure




It’s been ten days since I held Seamus last, stroking his face and rubbing his ear, all the while telling him in as soothing a voice as I could muster without cracking, “Daddy’s here, everything is alright.”

Within a few minutes the sedative took hold and Seamus relaxed for the first time in weeks; not gasping for breath. He was calm and I hope knew the two people who loved him most were there with him while the vet administered the last injection that stopped his heart.

My wife and I had dreaded this moment for weeks. For the past couple of months, Seamus, who was now 13 ½ years old, was diagnosed with upper airway disease that included laryngeal paralysis.

Hearing the diagnosis my head swirled grasping for options, none of which were promising. I decided to get a second opinion and took him to Michigan State University Veterinarian Hospital on the MSU campus. The examination and evaluation came back the same. Further testing could be done, but no one was optimistic. His age was a concern that he might not have survived the anesthetic.

That was on December 13 and for the next 51 days, “She Who Must Be Obeyed” and I dotted on him, took him Up North for the last time and gave him our utmost attention and love. On February 2, we knew it was time to show him the most love we could muster.

It’s been ten days and today is the first time I could focus enough to write his obituary.


08/13/2005 – 02/02/2019

“A Brittany, hunting partner, companion ….our friend.”



Seamus’ Last Adventure

  1. John Spavale says:

    Very sorry, unfortunately we outlive our most cherished companions

  2. John Derbabian says:

    My deepest sympathy to you Terry and your wife. Each and every dog that has become a family member in our house, my wife has said the same thing – “someday, your gonna break our hearts”. It is never easy nor should it be.

  3. Ron Kulenkamp says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss Terry. I too know the pain of losing a much loved dog and member of the family. They just don’t live long enough! Such a hole they leave when they pass and they are missed so dearly. I hope you are lifted up by all the great memories of the times you had with him. I’m have no doubt he was a lucky dog to live with you. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope you find peace.

  4. Jon Austin says:

    Tears streaming down my cheeks.
    100 percent unconditional love.

  5. Kathy Zill says:

    Seamus was well loved. You two were great parents. It’s sad that our precious fur babys leave us so soon. Hoping your good memories overtake the sorrow very soon.

  6. Greg says:

    It is a sad day to lose one who daily gives us so much unconditional love and companionship. My sympathy. Greg

  7. Linda Pluszczynski says:

    so sorry. Its horrible losing a pet.

  8. Rita Nicholas says:

    Know the sadness and grief of losing our furry family members. Big hugs of sympathy to you and LInda and all your family. May Seamus be wagging his tail once again in heavenly comfort

  9. Wendie says:

    Knowing no one will ever look at us with quite as much adoration is the hardest. He was loved,and loved you.

    1. George Willard says:

      So sorry,, it’s been since 10/18/2016, since I made that trip with Max, and I still have my moments.

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