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What If?


What if politicians took up fly fishing?

Think about it, instead of trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit, if politicians concentrated on presenting a number 16 Adams in front of a sweeper on a trout stream, maybe gas would still be under two bucks a gallon, Americans could get back to being Americans and the Ukrainians could concentrate on doing whatever Ukrainians did prior to having to run for their lives while some superpower threw a temper tantrum.

This weekend at the Michigan Fly Fishing Club’s Expo, there were several thousand people that came and went and no one hurt anyone. People of all ages, nationalities and race, watched, learned and listened to professional guides, fly tiers and purveyors of the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets that some just couldn’t do without. If you think about it, it was an example of different peoples coming together for one common purpose. Most left feeling elated for having attended.

Along with age and residence requirements, if politicians had to demonstrate the patients it takes to tie a dozen flies; the attention to detail it takes to rig-up a line; the stealth and determination to make a non-intrusive approach to a rising trout, maybe …just maybe, this corporate mentality of having to constantly increase the bottom line despite already making a profit, could be replaced with stream etiquette.

But then, what do you do with the guy that fishes with worms?



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