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Careful where you step.


Is the wilderness creeping in on us or was it there all along? Green space seems to be more valued these days; at least in the mainstream of the urban population. Parks are now more than a place to put playground equipment and picnic tables. Growth of bushes, grasses, even weeds are included in the landscape to the point they’re labeled and trees especially, are revered.

These things, of course, are part of what lured some of us to the north woods and keep us coming. But, just as we expand our range of concrete and sub-divisions north, the animals we displace are coming south: Deer are a common sight in downtowns. Bears have been seen in the fringe of cities and coyotes are as common as stray dogs.

The other day while walking Seamus in a park close to the house, a snake slithered across my path. I did a double take, mostly because I hate snakes, but it was a garter snake. These snakes are the most common of snakes and are in some of our more ambitious gardens. They harm no one, but don’t waste your time trying to convince me of that, it’s almost like fear of snakes is ingrained in my mind.

Check it out for yourself the next time you hike in a local park, even if it’s deep in the city.


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