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Mind Games


The one thing about sheltering in place is that it forces my mind to come up with thoughts and ideas and usually in the form of questions. Looking through the woodlot from the desk, I see the lake in front still covered with ice. About a hundred yards north, the lake is wide open and I immediately remember the best fishing occurred at ice edge down on Anchor Bay in a past year. Probably the year a friend and I went through the ice in his Buick Le Sabre.

I caught the thought of me inching my way out over the ice and quickly removed it from my mind …for now anyway, there are still 18 days to go.

Gus is the only one here that doesn’t seem to be to inconvenienced, his whining gets him lots of walks and I know he’s figured out the process. Still, the highlight of the day for me is taking him along the Jordan where the snow has receded substantially, enough anyway, for me to walk without slipping and sliding and stumbling over snow covered logs. We’ve covered a couple of miles along the river on the west side and haven’t bumped a grouse.

I’m pleased with his progress. He began quartering the first time out and has developed it more since. A couple of times he stopped on a dime, his head and nose jerking straight up and in the direction of a small clump of woods with a pine in the middle. But after following his nose, it proved empty of birds. Still, it was a good sign.

I’d like to get closer to the river, but it would be at a snail’s pace and I don’t want to lay myself up with a sprained ankle or worse with the trout opener less than a month away. If this shelter in place continues, I’m in the perfect place to take advantage of it.

I haven’t seen anyone in the woods and Gus keeps a six foot distance..



Mind Games

  1. Amy Kadau-Stierna says:

    Good to see you writing! Matt and I grabbed my mom and hunkered down in Harbor Springs at our place there. It doesn’t get rented out to Memorial Day so we’ve got plenty of time to relax. Enjoy your time.

    1. admin says:

      Good to hear from you Amy, enjoy Harbor Springs and stay safe.

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