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Ostrich Society

July 13th, 2014 / admin


The Truth, Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth ….give or take a lie or two!

I’ve been asked many times just exactly what the Ostrich Society was. In fact, I have many requests to join the Society …and I’m tempted to take their dues money. But the truth (Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth …give or take a lie or two) is that the Ostrich Society exists in many forms and under many different names. The Ostrich Society Seamus and I belong to, exists in my thoughts when I reflect back on our experiences with friends and people we meet along our treks through field and stream.,

A friend once asked if I was talking about my Army buddies, a bunch of cops at a shift party, firemen sitting around bs’ing, waiting for the bell to ring, or just a group of derelicts. My answer was, “All of the above.”

If you think what you read sounds familiar, you were probably there.

Lawyers Wanted – Common Sense Not Required

Are You Kidding Me

Those Darn Cats

The Thread That Binds


Steelhead Outing

Bad Cop; No Donut

Controlled Drinking

Feathers Don’t Grow On Trees

No Smoking

Poaching Jack

The Shakers

 The Gift

Community Service

Political Savvy

Dogs Have a Sense of Humor Too!

Oh, CRaP!

The Truth Is


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