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Time To Move On


There doesn’t seem to be a topic that doesn’t encompass the Covid 19 pandemic. No matter what we think about or talk about, somehow Covid makes its way into the conversation and always gives an insight into our character. And what reveals itself, worries me.


I’m worried because I see weak minded people asking for things they should be providing for themselves. I’m worried because I see people and businesses preying on people’s fears and weak nature, trying to talk them into buying cures like a snake oil salesman. I’m worried because I see people losing their sense of commonsense and replacing it with fear and aggression and the lack of will to put a stop to it. And I’m worried because I feel like I’m being sucked into these weaknesses.


There are problems with the speed of inoculation but the vaccine is here and people are beginning to get it. And as with everything in this new world of technology, glitches are popping up and despite they’re being addressed and fixed, we are inundated with them on every news program, podcast or in the few remaining newspapers. It seems the new fad of “it’s my right” is taking the place of “improvise, adapt, overcome.” When problems are fixed and a new learning curve mends the glitches, the problem is still the headline rather than the fix. Credit isn’t given, only blame. It seems we can’t move on by ourselves ….we need someone to fall on their sword.


I’ve had enough. Inoculated and not watching anymore cable or other news programs, I’m going through my “stuff” in anticipation of the opening day of trout season.  I’m digging out old maps, notes and dairies of past seasons, loading the Jeep and heading back in time to when the only thing I had to worry about was if the patch on the waders was going to hold … and if not, there is a change of clothes in the back seat.



Time To Move On


    Well said Terry…

  2. GFK says:

    Actually politics is worse than the COVID. We actually had bait casters here crash the local Orvis store and tied the manager up with double talered fly line!

  3. admin says:

    Who says you can’t profile anyone. Damn bait fishermen.

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