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Hendrickson Wet


Hendrickson Wet

Give them a try when you see sporadic dark mayflies hovering over the water and can’t get a strike on a dry.


Hook:     Mustad 3906 or equivalent

Size:       10 – 14

Thread:   Gray

Tail:        Medium Dun Hackle Fibers

Body:      Muskrat Fur Dubbing

Hackle:    Medium Dun Hen – Collar Style

Wing:      Lemon Wood Duck

Directions:  Weight in not a consideration. By that I mean the fly is meant to be fished under the surface but not  bouncing along like a nymph so lead wire is not necessary. Neither is lightness a consideration. Begin by starting the thread at the eye and wrap to the bend and tie in the tail. (A small clump.) Apply the dubbing and create the body, do so in a cigar shape. Wrap the hackle pinching it back collar style when you tie it off and tie on a clump of lemon wood duck fibers over the top of the fly like deer hair on a caddis. Tie off the head cleanly. (No hackle beyond it.)


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