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Kitchen Sink Fish


I see a lot of pictures of successful piscators holding fish they’ve caught and each one looks like a cousin to Moby Dick. Actually, that same fish could be ten different sizes if the camera angle and distance to the lens were changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I go for the same optical illusion when it comes to bragging about my catch, but it’s always interesting to see a picture of a brown or brookie that looks like it had to be gaffed to land.

Guides survive by the fish they put a client on; too many “no fish” floats and the bookings wane. But the reality of fly fishing for trout for me is, those lunkers aren’t the norm, the 8 to 12 inch fish is. And for some reason – only another trout bum can understand – it keeps me going back.

There was a time when fish were kept and shared with family, friends, neighbors and the proof was in the showing – “kitchen sink fish” they were called. But for many those days are gone, so the way to show off is to take a picture with the i-phones some can’t leave home without. Works for me.


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