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Pheasant Tail Wet


Pheasant Tail

This is a great wet fly that can be used to imitate many hatches. It is also serves as a good attractor pattern.


Hook:     Mustad 3906

Size:       10 -16

Thread:   Brown

Tail:        Mahogany Ringneck Pheasant Center Tail Fibers

Rib:         Fine Copper Wire

Body:      Same Ringneck Tail Fibers as Tail

Hackle:    Brown Partridge Hackle – Collar Style


Directions:  Wrap thread back to the bend and tie on tail. Tie in the copper wire and body material and wrap the body forward and tie off. Spiral copper wire forward and tie off. Tie in hackle and tie off collar style. Finish with a clean head.

Note:  The partridge hackle is the key to this fly. The abundant soft hackle protruding all the way to the tail is what makes this fly affective,


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