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It’s a given that everyone deserves a good time on holiday weekends, and the 4th of July certainly qualifies. But there seems to be a lack of willingness to clean up after ourselves, at least for some of us.

Trying to beat the aluminum, plastic and rubber hatches, three of us headed for the Jordan along the Chestonia culverts. Though we beat the onslaught of floaters, we saw ample evidence of where they were the days prior: Trash consisting of cans, paper cups, plastic water bottles, toys and clothing, was found scattered in and along the banks of the river. It was a sad sight to see this debris in the gin-clear water of the Jordan.

I imagine there were canoes that capsized, but this trash wasn’t from one canoe being overturned. It was from “slobs” not caring about the river or anyone else – it reminded me of tires dumped in empty lots and alleys in Detroit by those thinking only about their personal convenience.

We caught fish that morning, but we couldn’t get the sight of cans on the bottom out of our minds. So thanks to the “Friends of the Jordan” placing trash sacks at the access sites, we cleaned up the sections we fished, putting trash and cans in receptacles located at the access sites.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why anyone would leave their trash in such a beautiful place. It defeats the reason they came there in the first place.

Thank you, Mary and Dan Evans for the clean-up!



  1. Ron Kulenkamp says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Terry. Nothing makes me madder than people littering. I always think they must believe someone follows them around picking up after them, like their mommy and daddy did when they were little. It just shows a complete lack of intelligence. I always confront them if I catch them in the act (which may contribute to my end one day). Usually I just pick up what they littered, hand it back to them, and say “I’m sorry, I think you dropped this by mistake”. They usually go along with it and pretend that’s what happened, but I think they are a bit embarrassed as well.

    An old friend used to say “human beings are the only animals that crap in their own nests”. It really is sad, but I doubt it ever gets better. Some people care and some just don’t. Thanks to all those who do and take care of our steams and wildlife areas to the best of their abilities. It is so appreciated.

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