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Boo, boo and more boo!


Ron Barch surrounded by MFFC members holding one of his rod

Ron Barch surrounded by MFFC members holding one of his rods

After listening to Ron Barch, owner of Alder Creek Rods, put on a presentation at the Michigan Fly Fishing Club last night, I racked my brain on the ride home of what I could mortgage to buy more bamboo fly rods. Ron’s program was so informative, I actually paid attention for the whole thing, as opposed to dozing off like I usually do.

What I walked away with, was the realization that bamboo isn’t the fragile material I’ve taken it fore – a misconception probably brought on by hype and the cost of these gems. According to Barch, who is considered one of the leading bamboo rod makers in the country, bamboo rods are more durable than graphite, boron and fiberglass. Bamboo fly rods being heavier, and constructed from five or six trips, have the natural strength of the natural material and bend naturally unlike forcing the blank of a graphite rod out of round to get the flex. I know that sounds convoluted but it made perfect sense when he explained it.

Barch brought a series of rods with him, rods he built and old rods built by past master rod builders and showed the difference between “then and now.” It was a great presentation. (It was a smart marketing move too, as everyone stepped up to fondle and drool over these gems, trying to imagine what the “keeper of the purse” would say when they found out there was a significant drawdown of funds.)

I had intended on taking him out for “two fingers” but he held court for so long after the meeting, I wimped out and went home ….probably a good thing or I might of had a rod tube in the back seat and Seamus might have had to start eating dog food.


Boo, boo and more boo!

  1. John Beach says:

    It, indeed was an eye opener about Bamboo. A great presentation.

    1. admin says:

      John, if we pool our milk money, maybe we could buy one and take turns using it. You could have it every leap-year.

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