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Better late than never.


26792_105433709491307_6511273_nI swear he was on point as he stood over me on my bed this morning. As we looked at each other, he whimpered slightly and when I reached up to scratch behind his ears, he just turned puppy on me and danced all around trying to get me on my feet and go downstairs. I got up quickly because when he gets that excited, sometimes he pees a little. Not this time, he was in control, well, sort of.

Yesterday was opening day for grouse and we weren’t there. Seamus, I think, knew that. He was on the ready to go all day yesterday and even sat by my briar pants and shooting vest in the basement as I was arraigning the canning jars on a heavier shelf.

Seamus hasn’t missed an opening day since he turned one – I go back a little further – but Sunday had us (Seamus included) participate in an Alzheimer’s walk in Brighton. The reason was sad, but the event was fun.

Seamus’ opening day will be on Friday, a few days late, but it will be just as exciting for both of us. So for the next few days, preparations will be made, equipment readied and some long walks to get rid of some of the pent up energy Seamus is displaying.

Now, where did I put that box of 20’s?


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