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Muddler Minnow





The muddler minnow was first tied by Don Gapen in the 30’s. It was slightly different than today’s patterns. (I say patterns because like all fly patterns, there are as many ways to tie them as there are flies.) What remains constant about the Muddler, is its ability to produce large trout consistently in lakes, rivers or streams.



Hook: Streamer size 2 – 10.

Thread: Brown 6/0 for the back half of the fly and 3/0 for the front.

Tail: Mottled turkey feather.

Body: Gold tinsel or braid.

Under Wing: Squirrel tail.

Over Wing: Mottled turkey feather.

Collar: Deer hair.

Head: Spun deer hair, shaped to a cone – flat on bottom.


Directions: Tie in two matched sections of a mottled turkey feather. Wrap tinsel or braid forward leaving ¼ of the hook bare. Wrap back and forward once more and tie off. Tie on a sparse clump of squirrel tail extending halfway over the tail. Tie on matched turkey feather sections extending halfway over the tail. At this point whip finish and switch to the 3/3 thread. Tie in a clump of deer hair collar style and two more clumps of deer hair, spin, tie off and cut to shape, leaving a collar from the first clump.


One of the best videos I’ve seen for Muddler Minnow tying instructions is: www.globalflyfisher.com/video/muddler-minnow.

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