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Calling Dr. Freud!


DSC_0002I think I’m going to have to suck up my pride and look for a shrink” After years of making decisions and living with the consequences, I’m now at the point where a 45 pound, tenacious, liver and white Brittany, wormed his way into my head to the point I out-think myself every time I think about going fishing during grouse season …and the little guy knows it and boy does he work it.

Maybe it’s because he gets more attention from me than the other dogs I’ve had did; maybe it’s because he’s figured out which buttons to push, either way he can get and hold my attention until he’s sure I know what he wants.

His latest maneuver is to sit in front of me, stare at me until he knows he’s got my attention, then put a paw over my arm or on my leg and hold me; all the while making eye contact – something he only does when he wants me to react in some way. The problem is, it works for him.

When the kids were growing up, there were rules. Things were expected of them and of “She Who Must Be Obeyed” and me. We all had our roles and together we managed to raise three healthy and happy kids who developed into intelligent adults – educated, employed and with families of their own.

Of course they tested us, but it seemed easier to tell them NO and stick to it then it does Seamus. And outside of a bark, yelp or whimper, he can’t talk back …even if he did, my response would be different – probably non-existent.

So unless someone picks me up and I can blame them for his not being able to go, I bribe him by taking him for a run in a field, down a two track or along Lake Michigan’s shoreline until his tongue drags. Then, leaving him behind is the kind thing to do ….after all, he needs his rest.

If anyone knows a shrink that specializes in “master / dog” role reversal, let me know.


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