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On the move.


Few scenes are more blood stirring than the sight of geese in a winged formation on the move. Last weekend in Northern Virginia waiting for my granddaughter’s soccer game to start, several flights buzzed the field on their way south.DSC_0248

Sitting in a morning funk, wishing for another cup of coffee, the honking and beating of wings of Canadians instantly caught my attention. With more awake reflexes, I would have been able to snap a few more shots of the several groups of formations passing overhead. But this one shot was enough to send me sitting in a blind over decoys, waiting for the geese to pass over and hopefully drop into the decoys.

They also brought back memories of Jake, my yellow Lab, who has been gone for over 20 years, but is still in my thoughts. Jake was a great retriever, terrific pheasant finding machine and a good friend.


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