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A New Year resolution or wishful thinking?


I’ve thought about going camping lately. I’m not sure why, except it seems to go with wondering thoughts about wading a trout stream, slowly working downstream with tandem tied wet flies – being careful not to cause too much upheaval of the bottom that causes debris to get to where the trout are before the flies do.  

I haven’t camped in a tent in years. When I say years, I mean at least 30. Camping was fun when I did it with a group or at least one other person, but lately it just sounds wonderful thinking about camping alone.DSC_0050

There was a time when snow and cold were nothing more than an inconvenience; now, they’ve become an obstacle. I don’t like being cold …and just seeing snow makes me shiver. So my camping will be relegated to setting up a shanty on the lake in front of the cabin with a small heater, a thermos of coffee and a sandwich or two. Of course, a flask is a must.

If I make any New Year resolution, it will be to take some time and travel the Upper Peninsula, camping along lesser known streams fishing for brookies. It will be in June, when the only inconvenience will be black flies.

Ok, back to daydreams.



A New Year resolution or wishful thinking?

  1. Tom Losiowski says:

    Terry, I’ve been doing that for a few years. Cvtu’s WaWa Sum trip starts on a Thursday so I go up on the Sunday or Monday and have camped alone till Thursday morning. It is very relaxing and you stay quite busy between fishing and tending camp. I have found it to be a satisfying experience.

    1. admin says:

      I’m with you, Tom.

  2. Jon Austin says:

    Laughing Whitefish, Two Hearted, Fox?

    1. admin says:

      All of the above.

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