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Those who have been smitten by the out-of-doors in one fashion or another – after feeling secure in their being able to sound like “old salts” – will usually become generous in the “giving of advice” department. That is, of course, with exception of sharing a productive spot on a favorite river where big trout hang out. (There are no fish in the Jordan River between Graves Crossing and Chestonia and I don’t know where Chestonia is.)Cork-Grip

But, having said that, sharing and comparing equipment and gadgets, becomes a pleasurable pastime and often results in both the induction of someone new into the sport, or the leading of the weak-minded down the primrose path to bankruptcy or close to divorce …and if nothing else, an appreciation for drink – usually bourbon.

I am often asked what rod to buy when someone wants to get into fly fishing, and there was a time when I’d spout off with one make of rod or another, but age has weathered my thinking to suggest, no matter what make of rod you buy, no matter the cost, decide what you want to use it for and try out several makes before you tell your “She Who Must Be Obeyed” that she’ll have to forgo the new carpet for another year because there is something of great necessity that has to be purchased.

If there is one piece of information that applies to buying that initial fly rod and related equipment, it is: know what you want to fish for; that is, know what you want the equipment to do, and try it out with someone who knows how to use it. The brand of rod is less important than its weight and flex. You can flail with a broomstick, but flailing isn’t what you’re trying to do.

And remember, it’s only a good deal if it works for you and you enjoy using it …otherwise, you might as well buy the carpet.





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