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If it looks warm, it just might be!


There is an eerie silence shattered only by the gurgling of rushing water cascading over rocks and downed trees as it flows downstream to its ultimate destination. In winter, when white snow and clear ice stacks up along the edge, the water looks thin and clear and nothing appears to sit or float on the surface….or so it seems.DSC_0058

But even in the cold of winter, life goes on. Less than active trout occasionally rise to take minute offerings; tiny specs that dot the snow close to open water. Mostly they feed on what’s below, then, nymphs and streamers will be more productive than dries …but look closer, look for black dots or specks on snow along the bank or edge.

Sunshine is the key to finding hatches of little stones and midges. Feeder creeks that trickle into larger bodies of water keep ice from forming and should be fished or at least prospected. Anywhere the sun hits no matter how low the temperature, will be a suitable spot to fish. After all, if it looks warm, maybe it is.


If it looks warm, it just might be!

  1. Vickie says:

    Terry hope you & Linda are staying warm & not going outside to shovel any snow lol

    1. admin says:

      We’re not as warm as you and your dad.

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