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In case you haven’t heard, it’s cold and snowing!


Enough already, I know it’s cold, it’s January in Michigan. Is anyone else as tired as I am at hearing about wind chill? No matter which channel I turn on, radio station I listen to, wind chill and snow – a whole 3 inches – is force-fed to an apparent eager public that can’t get enough of bad news.

It’s not below zero – it can feel like below zero if you stand out in the cold like a birdfeeder waiting for an onslaught of hungry birds – but it’s at least ten degrees warmer than the “town criers” are leading off with to get you to tune in. Where is Sony Elliot with his chalkboard and 5 minute weather report. He told us everything we needed to know …and only had to do it once.




In case you haven’t heard, it’s cold and snowing!

  1. John Beach says:


  2. Leon says:

    I totally agree. I miss Sonny Elliot. We really don’t need the repetition every 5 minutes on how bad it is outside especially with the rest of the bad news going on in the world. All you need to do is stick your head out and you know what the weather is.

    It was actually pretty nice outside shovelling snow this morning. It was so quiet and the sun was shinning. That is until the guy across the street starts his god awfull snowblower! ARRRRRRG!

    1. admin says:

      Finally, someone who understnds.

  3. Vickie says:

    Terry you & Linda should come to Florida were it is nice & warm with no snow at all

    1. admin says:

      Maybe nest year, Vickie.

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