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No, I didn’t fall through the ice!


Last week, a 72 year old man went through the ice on Intermediate lake. He was rescued and survived. The cabin is on Intermediate Lake, and so I received several inquiries as to whether or not it was me that went through the ice. Let me put peoples minds to rest.

First, I am not 72 years old; I many look like a cave dwelling hermit, but getting to 72 years of age is still on my “bucket list.”

Second, I’m still smart enough to know when there are more open spots than spots that look as though they’re frozen, I don’t want to be the first to make tracks on the perceived ice.

Now let’s talk about something important; I need (want) a power auger …and I’m open to suggestions. Couple of things to consider: I’m cheap and because of that, I out-think myself all the time, causing me to do without until I have an epiphany on the matter.

Thoughts are welcome.


No, I didn’t fall through the ice!

  1. mark byndas says:

    Hi Terry, after the same “out thinking myself” i went and bit the bullet and bought a Strike Master Mag 2000. This is a single chipper blade unit and it the cheapest model i believe they offered. My ol buddy bought the best twin blade model(hes loaded). but mine cuts thru the ice just as well as his. I have also used the auger in the summer to make fence/post holes. You just need to have a old worn chipper blade for post hole digging. Later in the fall i put a good ice chipper blade on and put the old post hole blade in a can of oil for storage till next time its needed. Now i am ready for the ice. Terry i am glad i bit the bullet as its been 10 seasons and it starts up great and cuts great. Just go for it Terry and you wont regett it. I’m 58 years young now and its been a godsend for me.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks, Mark. I’ll look at it.

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