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Ice fishing is one of the cheapest ways to fish: You cut, drill or chop a hole in the ice, drop a line with a mousey, wax worm or minnow and wait for something to swim by and suck in the tasty morsel. Maybe you have a shanty and a propane heater, but that’s about it ….unless you stop at Franks Great Outdoors in Linwood on your way Up North for a teardrop or two.On the ice4_4_ice_fishing

Franks is one of those all-encompassing outdoors stores like Cabela’s and Bass Pro on M-13 in Linwood. It started as a bait shop in the 50’s and is now a go-to place for basic, no-nonsense hunting and fishing supplies. And it’s geared to local activity; the Saginaw Bay region, especially where ice fishing is concerned.

But, for the weak of mind, it’s a trap. Take the guy who stops for a few tear drops and walks out with a 10″ ice auger. A good deal to be sure …but don’t tell that to “She Who Must Be Obeyed” who was standing at the register with a smile on her face that spoke volumes of things that will be said …later!

It could have been worse …they sell shotguns and fly rods too.


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