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Challenge Chapter does it again!


A few days ago I had the pleasure of addressing members of the Challenge Chapter of Trout Unlimited on one of my favorite subjects …me. I used my personal experiences in the out-of-doors (how it all began, at Palmer Park) as an example of how adults can leave a lasting impression on kids just by letting them watch.Steelhead_cover_small

The chapter gave me a copy of their newest stream guide, A Steelheader’s Guide, at the conclusion. (Not sure if it was a reward for giving or for ending my presentation.) But to be sure, this new guide is one of their best. It covers the major steelhead rivers on the west side of the state, and to be sure, like their other guides, it gives exact locations for stream access and precise directions on how to get there. It gives tips on how to fish and what to use, to include fly patterns, It is typical Challenge Chapter perfection in spreading “how and where” to fly fish.

I have all of their guides. I have the original paper editions that had county maps in the back pocket of the guides of streams that flow through different counties. The new ones are laminated, making them water proof. These guides opened doors for me when I had to rely on myself to find places to fly fish for trout …when money for guides was a luxury I couldn’t afford.

Good stuff then, and good stuff now.



Challenge Chapter does it again!

  1. Leon says:

    Where and how can I obtain a copy of Steelheader’s Guide?

    1. admin says:


      Eventually at most fly shops. But right now, go on Challenge Chapter Trout Unlimited website and order from there.

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