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Fishing today is as good as fishing tomorrow!


Aside from new material, technology and an enormous marketing campaign to make everyone think they need a guide to be successful, catching trout on a fly is the same now as it was when Ray Bergman wrote “Trout” in 1938. 112d32b9e47a03ff8691b503962723dc

Bergman’s “Trout” is perhaps the most comprehensive book I’ve ever read that delves into the essence of the sport. Bergman talks about everything from technique to knots to the “where” and “how” to do it. It is a page turner for piscators – new and old alike – because it is written in such a way, the words turn into images in your mind as you follow Bergman’s guidance through his experiences and research, making the reader realize he’s done it.

“Trout” is not an App; it’s not a video nor its it a quick read. It is an informative work written in the language of trout fishers with insights of why some people catch fish while others “should have been there yesterday.”


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