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A deposit on fly rods ….hmmm, might be a good idea.


There ought to be a deposit on fly rods. There is a deposit on bottles, cans, propane bottles for the grill and countless other stuff, why not on fly rods?011

Every sporting goods store or fly shop has a wall or rack of rods; different manufacturers, each in weights from 1 – 12 or higher. They have different flex designations – some numerical, others designated by definition.

The point is, the difference between rods, so we’re told, is the type of fish it’s designed to be used for (mostly by size or weight of the species). And there is no one size fits all …at least not designated by the manufacturers. So, like golf clubs, the accumulation continues. You probably can’t get off the tee any better, but at least you have the latest and greatest driver with the new and improved head and shaft.

Before I go further, let me say, I own one or two fly rods (ok, maybe a couple more) and some haven’t seen the light of day, let alone flexed in a trout stream, in years.

So, back to the point: if there was a deposit on the rod, it could be cashed in, resold by the shop where you’re going to buy the next rod because you just came into a couple of bucks and …well, you’re in a fly shop.

Think about it.



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