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Lessons learned


You can’t live in a vacuum, and of course no one does. What matters most is how you live, not why …I’ll leave that to the “deep thinkers” to figure out. What’s important is whether or not you get it right.

The important things I have learned over the last 66 years, I learned first when I was a kid watching my parents and others that were in my life; how they dealt with what affected their lives and times formed my opinions and attitudes; what time did, was give me a different perspective.

Whether through a kids eyes or an adults, the end result has always been the same; if a principle is sound, it will carry the day …despite hype to the contrary.

It’s not the size of the fish you catch, it’s how you go about it that counts most.




Lessons learned

  1. Leon says:

    This is so absolutely true! What we are today and how we handle life in general is based on our role models (our parents, grand-parents). I feel sad for so many kids today who have not or cannot experience having two married parents/grand-parents. Who do they live up to? How do they form their values? Some do well. Many others do not.

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