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Brown Drake


Michigan’s first big fly. Late May to mid-July peaking usually the first two weeks of June.



Hook:     2x streamer hook size 10

Thread:   Brown

Wing:      Medium elk hair tied upright

Body:      Light natural deer hair tied along the hook shank leaving it flared at the end

Hackle:    One grizzly and one brown tied parachute

Tail:         Moose hair


Instruction:  Tie on the tail and wrap tread forward to tie on the wing in post form. Tie on the body along the shank to the bend and leave a flair past the bend but not to the end of the tail. Wrap forward creating a cross pattern of thread and tie in hackle parachute style and form a clean head.

Note:  This fly brings out the lunkers and is extremely effective at dusk and later.



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