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Everyone has a sad story these days. Something isn’t right or “this should be like that” …you know what I mean. What ever happened to, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it?”

I think the root cause of this insatiable thirst for ‘improving’ on things is that we, at one time or another, tend to out-think ourselves. Take the guy with six fly boxes in his vest. (Don’t ask how many are in mine.) Despite the selection, time of year and what hatch is coming off, he’s usually convoluted as to which pattern to tie on; patience is forgotten if immediate results aren’t forthcoming – and so the urge to make a change takes over.th

I hate change …I’m using the word “hate” here; I hate change almost as much as I hate the notion of “transparency.” You know what transparency is, it’s what people talk about when they think they have a right to know how everyone does anything that affects them. It’s gotten to epidemic proportion and usually results in the stifling of “what works.”

Accountability, that’s what works for me. What’s the end result and how does it affect me? I don’t care whether you pick your nose with your left hand or right, if you’re a nosepicker I don’t want to shake your hand in either case.


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