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A cold drink on a hot day goes a long way.


In fifteen days, grouse season will be open and not a day too soon. All though the best hunting won’t happen until the leaves turn and fall, it will be a great day for those who want to walk the woods in anticipation of finding …or your bird dog finding, bonasa umbellus with your favorite 20 gauge.DSC_0240

Having said that, it’s hot. And it will be hot on the 15th, too.

Years ago, when the Put ‘n Take Pheasant program was in operation in the state, I ran into a man and his son, hunting a “Red Dog.” The encounter sticks in my mind for two reasons: first, he corrected me when I called his dog an Irish Setter instead of a “Red Dog;” and second, he pulled out a thermos of cold water and a collapsible bowl he carried just for the dog. I was hunting over a beagle at the time and always had water in the car, but not on me, and I relied on finding a source of water during the hunt, which I usually did. When he poured the water into the bowl, his dog knew it was for him and it was obvious, he appreciated the consideration.

The long and the short of the story is, he convinced me to carry (before bottled water) a canteen of sorts just for the dog, because you never know what conditions you’ll experience, or more importantly, your dog will.

Seamus goes like a machine when he’s in his element, and sometimes that means he’ll go right over or around a creek or puddle when he’s hot on a scent. Being able to stop and pour him “two fingers” of his favorite libation (water) is not only a kind thing to do, but will save him from exhaustion, especially on a hot September day.

Oh yes, save the “two fingers” of your favorite libation for when you get back to camp ….I was going to say car, but I didn’t want a lot of comments from the Puritans.



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