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At Camps End


Well, it’s over. The North Branch outing of the Royal Coachmen Society (not to be confused with the Ostrich Society ….though close) has come to an end for another year. It was not as productive as past camps as far as catching trout is concerned, but it was a rejuvenating experience between men who don’t see one another often. The common thread that weaves them together is a love of fly fishing for trout ….right here on this river, the North Branch.

The week began on the cool side with temperatures making the hardiest amongst them reach for a blanket on the first night, then warmed up to short sleeve weather to the delight of the overabundance of mosquitoes that lay-in-wait for bare flesh; some being immune to DEET.

Hatches were scarce …and sparse when they did occur. Brown Drakes appeared but for a short period and at different times on different days. On the last night of camp, they didn’t appear until after dark.

Still, fish were caught – some real, some not – and conspiracies promoted to do better. It was all good and leaves a yearning for next year.



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