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Hatch Is On!


As camp draws closer to the end, the days are spent making sure no opportunity is missed to catch fish. New patterns are tried, old patterns are re-tried and opinions are shared as to the “why’s” and “how’s” of catching trout. And all that fresh air and thought translates into shorter mornings as piscators stay in their sleeping bags longer – to include the breakfast cook- meaning I have to wait for my first cup of coffee. (Aww!)

The good news about this stage in the trip, is that we’re getting savvier about anticipating how the trout react to which sporadic hatch and finally come to a mediocre understanding about the patterns acceptable to them.

The better news is, last night, late evening, Brown Drakes were coming off of the water and after just a short time on the surface, hover three to four feet above the water and head for the trees. Or so I’m told. By dark, I was contemplating the next day’s strategy over two fingers of bourbon with others of like mind.

The Brown Drake hatch is good news. It means things aren’t as far behind schedule as thought. Hopefully, before this week is over, they will dance on the water, triggering the urge for browns to feast. Then it will be a matter of using the right pattern to subtly land on the water amidst hatch.

I am ready; getting more ready and by tonight will have so many different ties that confusion could slow the test of wills between me and Mr. Brown tugging at the end of the traditional bamboo rod I use on this yearly occasion.

If it got any better than this, it would probably hurt.


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