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If I were restricted to one mayfly pattern, I’d use the Borcher. It was developed for the Au Sable, Manistee and Boardman rivers. It is possibly the most generic of all mayfly patterns.


Hook:     Standard Dry Fly Hook

Size:        12 – 18

Thread:   Gray

Wings:     Lt. Dun Hackle Tips – Upright and Divided

Tail:         Mahogany Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers

Rib:         Gold Wire

Body:      Oak Turkey Wing Quill Fibers or Stripped Hackle Stems

Hackle:    Brown and Grizzly Mixed


Directions:  I like to begin by tying in the wings and dividing them. Then wrap the thread to the bend and tie in the tail. Tin in the body material (either the turkey wing quill fibers or the stripped hackle stem)and the rib. Wrap the body material to the wings and spiral the rib to the wings. Tie in the hackle and wrap behind the wing and forward. Create a head.

Note:  The tail is extra long in three segments.

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