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This pattern is a must anytime of year. The difference is in the size. Have these in your fly box on the opener in sizes 14 – 18.


Hook:     Standard Dry Fly Hook 12 – 20

Thread:     Olive

Wing:     Dark Dun Hackle Tips / Upright and Divided

Tail:     Dark Dun Hackle Fibers

Body:     Medium Olive Fur or Poly

Hackle:     Dark Dun


One quarter of the way back to the bend tie on the wing tips, upright and divided. Wrap thread back to the bend and tie in the hackle fibers for the tail. Prepare the dubbin on the thread and wrap forward to the wing. Remove the web portion of one or two dry fly hackle and tie them in beyond the wing and wrap behind, through and forward of the wing. Tie off and form head and finish. Add a drop of cement.

On opening weekend, watch for these to hatch and be especially aware of their size. Rainy weather can see this hatch come off the water. Also, tie these parachute style and use dubbing sparingly.


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