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CDC Dunn



This simple pattern puts to use the cul-de-canard feathers which are found next to a ducks preen gland. These feathers are translucent and make great wings especially on smaller flies. They are impregnated with the ducks natural oils which makes them extremely floatable.


Hook:      Light Wire Dry Fly

Thread:   Olive

Tail:         Blue Dun Hackle Fibers

Wing:      Natural Gray Cul-De-Canard Feather

Body:      Olive Dubbing

Hackle:    Blue Dun

Directions:  Wrap a base of thread then tie on CDC feathers upright, divided and slightly angled back. Wrap back to the bend and tie on the tail, dividing the fibers into two directions by creating a ball of thread then tying the fibers on each side. Apply dubbing and wrap forward creating a thorax around the wing. Tie on the hackle and tie off with a clean head.

Note:  This pattern is simple and can be tied quickly. Tie different sizes and different shades to imitate most mayflies.


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