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CDC Emerger


cdc emerger

Use this for a variety of mayflies as they are emerging.  It is effective in different colors to match the hatch, ie., olive, yellow or dun.



Hook:      Any Short Shanked Nymph Hook

Size:       14 -20

Thread:   Olive (Match Body)

Tail:         Blue Dun Hackle Fibers

Body:      Olive Dubbing

Wing:      Clump of Natural CDC Tied Short, Slanted Over Body

Directions:  Tie in the tali at the down turn of the bend of the hook. Apply the dubbing 3/4 of the way forward. Tie in the CDC and apply more dubbing beyond to form a head. (The wing should appear to be protruding from under the head.) Tie off without forming a formal head.

Note:  Keep a variety of different colors handy, this is a good searching pattern.


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