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Letort Hopper


letort hopper

These patterns are a staple during the hot summer months when hoppers and crickets are jumping. They are easy patterns to tie with the cricket being tied exactly the same way with the same materials only in black.


Hook:     Mustad 94831 or 9671 size 8 – 16

Thread:  Yellow

Body:     Yellow Fur or Poly

Wing:     Single Oak Turkey Wing Quill Segment cut to shape and lacquered.

Head:     Spun Deer Body Hair,  clipped to shape.

Directions:  Dub on the body and tie on the wing segment flat over the top of the shank, allowing it to protrude slightly beyond the bend. Tie on a segment of deer body hair beyond the eye leaving enough room for the head which is spun and cut to shape. Trim the deer body hair so it only covers the top of the hook, exposing the belly.


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