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March Brown Wet


March Brown Wet


Hook:     Mustad 3906 or Equivalent

Size:       10 – 16

Thread:   Black

Tail:        Dark Ginger Hackle Fibers or Pheasant Tail Fibers

Rib:        Yellow Thread

Body:      Fawn Fox

Hackle:    Dark Ginger Hen Collar Style or Beard Style

Wing:     Oak Turkey Quill Segments

Directions:  Wrap thread from the eye to the bend and tie in tail material. Tie in a segment of yellow thread and let hang. Apply dubbing and wrap to 1/4 inch behind eye. Spiral yellow thread forward. Tie in hackle and tie it off collar style. Tie in two oak turkey segments across the back of the fly and tie off with a clean head.

Fish this fly across current and down stream allowing it to settle into the current.


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