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Parachute Sulfur


Parachute Sulfur

This pattern is designed to imitate an emerging sulphur sitting on top of the water in the film with their wings not quite dry. When the hatch is on, these are like candy. These also go by the name of Light Hendrickson’s.


Hook:     Mustad 94840 or Equivalent

Size:     10 – 18

Thread:     Cream

Wing:     White Calf Tail Tied Upright or a Light Turkey Body Feather clumped

Tail:    Dark Cream / Light Dun Hackle Fibers

Body:     Cream Fur or Poly

Hackle:     Dark Cream Tied Around Posted Wing

Directions:   Tie in the wing 1/3 of the way back of the eye in a post. Tie in the tail. Dub sparsely and wrap up to and forward of the wing. Tie in the hackle and wrap around the post 3 – 4 times and tie off.

Fish this in the film during a hatch and get ready.


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