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Are you kidding me?


I feel like a fish that’s been spotted and is being targeted by someone who decided that fish was his and he’s going to get it even if he has to blow it out of the water. The price of gas on Thursday at many gas stations Up North was 3.59 per gallon. Friday morning, that changed to 3.69 a gallon. When I asked why the 10 cent jump over night, I was told, “We raised it for the holiday weekend.” …are you kidding me? Not all stations bought into that rational, some, like in Charlevoix and Bellaire, didn’t change “for the holiday weekend.”

I keep getting the explanation that it’s “supply and demand” but I haven’t seen anyone being turned away from a pump since 1973 as long as their credit cards weren’t denied. It isn’t “supply and demand,” it’s “what ever the traffic will bare.”

That 10 cent increase doesn’t amount to a lot for a tank of gas; maybe a dollar or two. But it grinds me to think I’m being fished.


Are you kidding me?

  1. John Beach says:

    Sams Club. $3.34 Friday Evening… It grinds me also the way the Gas company’s play with our wallets, They can jump up the price .35 for practically no real reason, just speculation, It’s flat out, gouging. No political help from our Government State or Washington.

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