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Vegetarian, lousy hunter!


There is a bumper sticker on my refrigerator at the cabin that says: Vegetarian – Up North word for “lousy hunter.” It’s held on the Frig by a magnet, and I’m so used to seeing it, it takes a few days for me to realize when it’s missing.

Katie, my oldest granddaughter, is a vegetarian and takes exception to the slogan. So, when she comes to visit, somehow, the sticker goes missing. And she does it with a straight face. At 9 years old, she’s going on 30.

The Frig is full of slogans, mementos and of course, pictures. Each one a memory of great times at the cabin and the lake. Our kids grew up there – at least during summer vacation – swimming, fishing and just plain enjoying not being in the city …that is, until they got to be teenagers.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a pure vegetarian before Katie. I know people who love to eat vegetables more than meat, but do eat chicken and beef. I like vegetables too, and could easily make a meal out of just vegetables, but couldn’t do it day in and day out. Katie at age 9 has been doing it for almost two years and came to it all by herself.

I’ve learned that Katie isn’t going to be persuaded to change her mind … it has to be her own idea. So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I’ve been compiling vegetarian recipes Katie and I could make for the rest of the family. It’s quality time spent teaching, learning and just plain spending time with “Papa.”

So far I’ve managed to find the sticker when she hides it, but even if I didn’t … well, that’s a memory too.




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