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There are no greater hypocrites than piscators who turn their noses up at other piscators then fall back into what they turned their noses up at. Guilty, I shamefully admit it and am heading out to do my penance for the shameful act I perpetrated yesterday. I was so aware of my misdeed, that I ate the evidence almost immediately and got “She Who Must Be Obeyed” to engage in the cover-up – in fact, she delighted in assisting me.

At the invitation of my friend Bob, I joined him and two others for a couple of hours on Lake ***** to fish for bluegill. It wasn’t the first time I was there and I knew what to expect and looked forward to the biggest gills I’ve ever caught anywhere. I also knew the way to catch them was with a worm retrieved slowly on the bottom in about 15 feet if water. So armed with a 35 year old spinning rod (the first rod I ever built) a tackle box I hadn’t opened in years, I made the pilgrimage …..after buying a couple dozen night crawlers.

The short of it is, we caught so many jumbo gills, it took a while to filet them on an assembly line basis, after which into the frying pan on top of a bed of onions sautéing in butter, they went. The rest is history – or should I say, gooood eating!

So in an hour, I’m off to meet one of the best fly tiers and fishermen I know, to let him cleanse my soul of the misdeed I burdened it with yesterday. If a float with Jerry Regan doesn’t return me from the “dark side” I’m forever doomed.




  1. Jim Zyla says:

    Good. Jerry knows what to do in this situation.

    1. admin says:

      We spent 7 hours on the Manistee in his boat. I’m cured.

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